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Performance Kyoto Japan

Workshop Kyoto Japan

About the professional storyteller
Wim Wolbrink tells stories for more then fifteen years now. He tells for the young and the old, you can find him in the Netherlands and abroad, on festivals, on the beach, in the forest, in private houses and in theaters. He tells for big companies, governmental organizations, schools and libraries.

Children and adults have much laughter and joy while Wim Wolbrink is telling stories and working with them.

Wim Wolbrink also teaches storytelling. He is working intensively with groups including international students at the University of Twente, people from Amnesty International and other organizations.

He is also a member of the boards of the Dutch Foundation of Storytelling who aim to create a culture of storytelling in the Netherlands.

Every year Wim Wolbrink goes to Japan to teach storytelling and perform.

Please feel free to contact the professional storyteller:


Wim Wolbrink
Verteltheater Werder
Eendengang 75
7552 KN Hengelo
The Netherlands

tel: ++ 31 (0)74 24 22 696
mob: ++ 31 (0)6 40 32 38 10


Five years ago, he debuted on the international storytelling festival in Utrecht. Four years ago, he told for the opera Dido and Aeneas the whole story from the beginning of the Trojan war up to the birth of Rome. In 2004 year he told stories for the Dutch Parlement. This year he will be very active again in teaching story telling so others can learn and enjoy this wonderful profession.

In September 2007 Wim Wolbrink started the Dutch School of Storytelling in Utrecht together with his colleague Frans de Vette

Wim Wolbrink graduated successfully from the school of Storytelling in East Sussex, England. He tells in English and in Dutch.

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